Last night we safely arrived in our destination and made it through customs around 10 PM our new time. The plane ride was great without any delays and no one lost luggage. We met Ted in our connection city and he rode with us to our destination. Our partner in the region was waiting for us when we arrived having a large van ready to take us to the place we are staying.

As some of you may know, it has been remarkable how God provided at the last minute for two of our teammates. 6 of the 8 of us received our passports and visas back two weeks ago, but Katy and Ted received their passports back the day we were leaving. With the help of family and strangers, we were able to receive them in Chicago and San Francisco in time to have them overnighted.

Today we plan to have an orientation and explore the city in the afternoon while recouping from the 11.5 hour time difference. Tomorrow we will drive to a town about 3 hours away where we will be for two nights.

Please continue to pray for us to have health and rest while we encourage our brothers and sisters in Christ. God bless and I’ll send an update midway through the week.