In our apartment complexes, we create intentional discipleship communities of college students, leading them to integrate the Gospel into every area of life. Students join the community, committing to 10 months of training in four areas: Community, Institute, Mentorship and Missions.


living together with Gospel intentionality

Students live in small groups with a house leader setting the pace in living with intentionality. The Gospel, after all, is put into practice most clearly with those who watch your life day in and day out. Students sign a house agreement and spend time together weekly. The agreement emphasizes purity, authenticity, and shared purpose. Weekly time together provides shared experiences, promoting understanding of one another. We believe these practices encourage Scriptural living – rejoicing, weeping, confessing sin and stimulating one another to love and good deeds.


Developing Biblical Literacy and Sound Doctrine

Students receive solid Scriptural teaching at the Lightbearers Institute. The LDC Institute includes two years of teaching–an extensive overview of the Bible and a course on Christian theology and practice. Teaching is provided by Lightbearers staff, local pastors and ministry leaders, guided by material organized by our discipleship staff. Our hope is to build a frame of Biblical literacy and sound doctrine that students can look to their churches to fill for the rest of their lives.


interacting life-on-life with a mature follower of Christ

Mentorship entails meeting a student where they are and taking them further down the road in following Christ, applying the truth they’re learning to everyday life. Students interact with their mentors on a regular basis in an organic, life-on-life process. All the while, the student learns what it looks like to follow Christ outside of a college context. Significantly, we try to match students with mentors from their own churches because we believe that the church is the primary context where discipleship happens. We want to be a vehicle for the work of the local church.


seeing and serving the Body of Christ among the nations

Lightbearers uses students’ rent money to fund mission projects overseas, but we also introduce students’ hearts and minds to God’s global work through teaching and exposure here and abroad. As part of this aim, many students spend two weeks in Asia or northern Africa serving Lightbearers mission partners. We pray these trips advance the partners’ long-term work and open the students’ eyes to the Body of Christ overseas. Discipleship isn’t an assembly line to build missionaries; but holistic discipleship does result in mature believers who understand God’s global work and their role in it.

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