We truly believe that part of the discipleship process is helping students to gain a glimpse of God’s heart and plan for the nations. Students travel to partners who have projects that have been funded by the students’ rent monies. When they get to see their rent dollars at work overseas, it brings the distant work to life. At the same time, our partners are able to share their work with those who have had a hand in building it, and if we can serve them in any way, it makes trips worth it.

Here are some updates from our team members and one of our partners.

“This trip helped remind me that prayer is integral in our life. We are helpless to do anything on our own without the Spirit intervening. I love getting to see the impact that Lightbearers has across the world. To see the way that rent money affects work being done on the other side of the world is very encouraging.” – Luke Rother

“The trip has helped me grow spiritually because it has challenged me to be living on mission no matter where I am. “G” grew up in Ethiopia, he did not go somewhere halfway across the globe to start making disciples, he started in his home reaching his family and friends. It was a real challenge to me to be doing the same.” – Joel Morgan

“I almost felt obligated to be in the Lightbearers program this year. After seeing our mission partners and the impact Lightbearers has, it makes me want to continue to live at Lightbearers in the future because of what my rent money is doing to help people overseas.” – Jordan Bryan

“It was awesome getting to spend so much time with our partner and to see the project that Lightbearers funded. It was such a gift to see what the Lord is doing through our partner and how Lightbearers is a part of advancing the Gospel in the nations.” – Janell Kolins

“We absolutely loved having the team here. The students were teachable, prompt, willing to serve and were bold in connecting with the people here” – Partner in Southeast Asia