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  • Cleaning Service Launch

    Cleaning Service Launch

    Funded $878

    A partner in Southeast Asia launched a cleaning service for local women with a grant of $878. The new…

  • Evangelism Event

    Evangelism Event

    Funded $1,305

    A partner in Southeast Asia received $1,305 for a large family event for the employees of their non-profit…

  • Church Planting Training Equipment

    Church Planting Training Equipment

    Funded $2,621.49

    A grant to a partner in Southeast Asia for $2,621.49 has given them better technology and equipment used…

  • Launch of Church Planter

    Launch of Church Planter

    Funded $1,500

    A church in the Middle East will send a church planter to a neighboring country with help from a $1,500 grant …

  • Truck For Moving Company

    Truck For Moving Company

    Funded $9,000

    A partner in South Asia received $9,000 for the down payment on a truck. A team of pastors and church planters …

  • Cake Shop

    Cake Shop

    Funded $5,500

    A partner in Central Asia received a $5,500 grant to start a cake shop in order to employ those who have been…

  • Microloans for Local Pastors

    Microloans for Local Pastors

    Funded $6,000

    A grant to a partner in South Asia for $6,000 provides microloans to local pastors, giving them an income…

  • Camping Supplies

    Camping Supplies

    Funded $9,900

    A partner in East Asia received a grant for $9,900 to start a ecotourism business based on camping in remote…


Fund the Model

Lightbearers is seeking financial partners to support our proven model that generates renewable funding for Gospel-centered mission work in Asia and northern Africa, while grounding college students in the truths of Christianity. In essence, Lightbearers owns and manages rental property near major college campuses in the United States. Students live there, pay rent, and join the community as they participate in an intensive Bible-focused discipleship program. The rental profits from these communities are used to fund grants, which are requested by our overseas partners for church-planting efforts.

The model has multiple layers of impact, is sustainable and scalable. Will you partner with us?