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2016 Funded Projects

  • Cleaning Service Launch

    Cleaning Service Launch

    Funded $878

    A partner in Southeast Asia launched a cleaning service for local women with a grant of $878. The new…

  • Evangelism Event

    Evangelism Event

    Funded $1,305

    A partner in Southeast Asia received $1,305 for a large family event for the employees of their non-profit…

  • Church Planting Training Equipment

    Church Planting Training Equipment

    Funded $2,621.49

    A grant to a partner in Southeast Asia for $2,621.49 has given them better technology and equipment used…

  • Launch of Church Planter

    Launch of Church Planter

    Funded $1,500

    A church in the Middle East will send a church planter to a neighboring country with help from a $1,500 grant …

  • Truck For Moving Company

    Truck For Moving Company

    Funded $9,000

    A partner in South Asia received $9,000 for the down payment on a truck. A team of pastors and church planters …

  • Cake Shop

    Cake Shop

    Funded $5,500

    A partner in Central Asia received a $5,500 grant to start a cake shop in order to employ those who have been…

  • Microloans for Local Pastors

    Microloans for Local Pastors

    Funded $6,000

    A grant to a partner in South Asia for $6,000 provides microloans to local pastors, giving them an income…

  • Camping Supplies

    Camping Supplies

    Funded $9,900

    A partner in East Asia received a grant for $9,900 to start a ecotourism business based on camping in remote…